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Collection: Lynda La Plante

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Lynda La Plante

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Bella Mafia

Books by this Author:

Title Date Status
Bella Mafia 1990 not read
Prime Suspect (Prime Suspect, #1) 1991 not read
A Face in the Crowd (Prime Suspect, #2) 1992 not read
Entwined 1992 not read
Silent Victims (Prime Suspect, #3) 1993 not read
Cold Shoulder (Lorraine Page, #1) 1994 not read
Cold Blood (Lorraine Page, #2) 1996 not read
Cold Heart (Lorraine Page, #3) 1998 not read
Royal Flush 2002 not read
Above Suspicion (Anna Travis #1) 2004 not read
The Red Dahlia (Anna Travis #2) 2006 read
Clean Cut (Anna Travis, #3) 2007 read
Deadly Intent (Anna Travis, #4) 2008 read
Silent Scream (Anna Travis, #5) 2009 read
Blind Fury (Anna Travis, #6) 2010 read
Blood Line (Anna Travis, #7) 2011 read
Wrongful Death (Anna Travis, #9) 2013 not read
Backlash (Anna Travis, #8) 2013 not read
Twisted 2014 not read

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