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Collection: Fiction - Jacqueline Mitchard

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The Deep End of the Ocean (Cappadora Family, #1)

Books by this Author:

Title Date Status
The Most Wanted 1198 skip
Winesburg, Ohio 1919 skip
The Deep End of the Ocean (Cappadora Family, #1) 1996 not read
Most Wanted 1998 not read
A Theory of Relativity 2001 not read
Twelve Times Blessed 2003 read
Christmas, Present (Mitchard, Jacqueline) 2003 not read
The Breakdown Lane 2005 not read
Cage of Stars 2006 not read
Now You See Her 2007 not read
Still Summer 2007 not read
All We Know of Heaven 2008 not read
The Midnight Twins (Midnight Twins, #1) 2008 not read
No Time to Wave Goodbye 2009 not read
Look Both Ways (Midnight Twins, #2) 2009 not read
Watch for Me by Moonlight (Midnight Twins, #3) 2010 not read
Second Nature 2011 not read
What We Saw at Night (What We Saw at Night, #1) 2013 not read

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